Email Branding

Your company logo will be included on emails being sent from the application to employees, providing you've uploaded a logo which is displayed in the top menu bar of your account. 

If you haven't uploaded a company logo, here's how to do so: 

The email branding also extends to emails which are sent to candidates during your recruitment process so that they're more familiar with the email(s) they receive from Natural HR.

In addition, depending on the colour of your logo, you may want to change the background colour of the emails from the default "Dark" background to "Light" which is white under:

Administration > Company > Settings > Email settings

The last field on the page, called "Email theme" will allow you to choose between "Dark/Light" and click "Submit" to make the change. 

By default, the email will use your main company logo as uploaded above - however if you wish your email to use a different logo then you can upload this in the same way as the standard logo and, if present, the email logo will be used on emails instead.

This may be useful if your site design has a white logo, for example, but you wish to use the light email theme and, therefore, your standard logo would not be visible.

Please note: Only Admin level users have access to this menu. Other fields on this page are typically to be used in conjunction with your IT team and we wouldn't recommend making any further changes. 

Email Logo - 

Within Administration > Company > Settings > Branding Settings

Using the Email Logo field, you can select which logo image will appear at the top of the email template. 

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