Create an intranet / content pages

Within the Enterprise version of Natural HR you can create you own pages and add your own content to them including text, images, videos and URL links.

Here's just a few examples of how you could use these pages:

  • Improve your candidate/employee experience by creating dedicated onboarding/induction content which your new hire could access before their start date. You could have a step in an onboarding workflow to send your new hire an email with a link to a specific page X number of days before their start date.
  • Embed a welcome video from your CEO or team. 
  • Increase the uptake of your employee benefits by creating a page to explain what's on offer and link to any third party systems. 
  • Aid learning and development by creating some basic training pages 
  • Create a page of company events and key information of each so that all employees know what's happening and when

You can create pages under:

Administration > HR > Pages

Step 1 - add categories - these are the names which will appear in your menu structure and will always appear under the "Intranet" menu icon. E.g. Welcome to Natural HR / Your Company. 

Step 2 - create the pages

Title - give the page a name e.g. Prior to joining

Description - is for internal purposes to provide an overview of the page and isn't displayed to employees. This field can be left blank.

Category - where should this page sit under the menu items/categories you created in step 1? E.g. under Welcome to Natural HR / Your Company.

Version - used to internally help with identifying if this page is something new or something which has been modified. e.g. 1 for version 1/ a new page

Author - used to identify who has provided the content for this page if it isn't yourself, you can select a colleague from the drop-down list. That way, when you need to make revisions to the content, you know which who to speak with.

Content - the fun part and time to get creative!

You should type content directly into the content management box to avoid pulling in formatting when copying and pasting text from other systems/documents. 

You can format the text within the content management box to make it easier to read and draw attention to key points. You might also want to support your written content with the use of links, images and video using the buttons identified below. 

Images can be uploaded directly to Natural HR by searching your PC or by using the URL of where they're hosted. If loading hosted images please make sure you load the content from https domains only as http images will cause SSL issues on the page.

Videos will need to be uploaded to a video hosting such as YouTube or Vimeo - you'll then be able to copy and paste the unique video URL into Natural HR to embed the video on to your page. 

Page order - you'll probably have several pages under one category so you should order these from 1 (being the first/top the list) and so on until you have the last page displayed in your list. If you do not choose an order, pages will display alphabetically based on their title. 

Hide pages / set them as inactive 

If you want to hide pages from employee's whilst adding or editing them, you can set them as inactive when creating them or click on the "unlock" padlock when viewing your list of pages. You'll then need to refresh your page before clicking on the pencil icon to edit a page you've just made inactive. 

When you're ready to share the page, you can set it is as active via the same padlock button. 

Need input from Marketing?

If you could benefit from the help of a Marketing colleague in creating your pages, you can give any system user "Marketing permissions" by editing their user access so that they can create pages too! Here's how:

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