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You may already set goals at an employee level within the system as part of your approach to performance management, but how many of your employees know what your overall company goal is? Or how the company is performing against it's goal at a given point in time? To help address the disconnect which can sometimes arise between an individual's goal and how this fit's in with what the company is striving for overall, we've added Company targets into the Enterprise version of Natural HR. 

Company targets can be added under:

Administration > HR > Company targets 

Target name - a SMART company goal 

Description: if you'd like to add further content around this goal to display to employees you can enter it here or leave this field blank 

Target type - company targets can be one of 3 options:

1. Financial e.g. to achieve £X revenue by the end of 2018

2. KPI - lower is better e.g. to operate below a given threshold 

3. KPI - higher is better e.g to a specific customer satisfaction score 

Start value - where are you at the time of setting the goal? E.g. 0 or X amount of revenue if you're part way through your financial year

End value - what are you trying to achieve by the end of the year/ target period? 

You now have a range from where you're starting to what you're aiming for. 

Current target - you might be in the same position as where you're starting for a new goal, or you might have a financial budget which says based on the current month you should be achieving a given amount of revenue 

Current actual - how are you actually performing against your target/budget forecast today? This is where the transparency comes in as you'll be sharing with employees whether you’re under or over where you were projecting to be at this snapshot. 

Currency - will appear for Financial targets to select and display your currency. Please do not enter any currency symbols against the numbers in the above fields. 

Departments and Sites - company targets are visible to all employees on the homepage of their self-service account unless you'd like to restrict access and make use of this feature for departmental or site level targets. To restrict access, remove the departments or sites which should not see the target

Active - Yes/No - this final field is what controls whether or not the company target is displayed to employees. If set to now, you'll be able to view and edit the inactive company target by clicking the "Archived company targets" button below your table of active targets.  

Here's 2 company targets will display in employee self-service accounts, below their photo and timeoff donut: 

Once in use, company targets should be updated regularly to keep employees updated on progress. Internally, we do this on the 1st of every month, or next business day if the 1st falls on a weekend. 

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