Shut down days

Natural HR already has a concept of Mandatory Company Holidays - these are dates which employees have to take for things like public holidays.

Sometimes, you may find a scenario where you also have shut down days which you want to be treated differently to Mandatory company holidays.

The main difference between Mandatory company holidays and shut down days is that shut down days create an actual time off record for the day(s) against the employee whilst Mandatory company holidays do not.

You can find out more about Mandatory Company Holidays by clicking here.

To setup shut days is more or less the exact same as setting up Mandatory Company Holidays except you should set the type to SHUTDOWN.

  1. Once you have shutdown days added, each time you add a new employee who matches the rules specified for the date (site, department etc) they will have these days booked automatically in their time off and these will be visible to the employee.
  2. For either existing employees such as at the beginning of a new year, you can push these shut down days out - to do this go to the bottom of Holidays (Time and attendance > Holidays) and click Push shutdown days. You can then choose employees or groups of employees to whom you wish to push the shutdown days without needing to do this individually.

Note: When a shutdown day has been added, it can't be edited or deleted by the employee - this has to be done by either a manager level user or above.

When a shut down day has been deleted against an employee, you should be very careful using Push shut down days as this will recreate any missing shut down days for employees matching the specified pattern.

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