Manager creating a review form

Within the system, there are two ways in which a review form can be completed. 

Firstly, there is the option to publish the form to the employee first and have the manager complete the form afterwards: this method is summarised within the article Publishing and completing a review form

Alternatively, the option exists for the manager to create the form first, enter their comments and then notify the employee afterwards for the employee to give their response; this method will be outlined below. 

Managers creating a response

The employee's manager will need to go to 

Performance > Review Forms 

Once inside, select the 'Plus' icon to add a new instance of the form. In the "Employee Name" field, they will need to enter the name of the employee for whom they are adding the response. 

Once the form has been completed, please ensure that any Employee or Manager completed fields are set to 'No' as settings these to 'Yes' will Lock the form and prohibit the employee from entering their comments. 

The manager will then need to return to 

Performance > Review forms

Select the "View" icon alongside the form, find the employee's response and select the 'Pencil' icon to edit this response. 


This will open up the manager's previously completed comments; at the bottom of this form, the manager will need to select the option for "Notify Employee". Clicking on this option will generate an email to the employee informing them that this form is ready for them to complete. 

Once the employee has submitted the form their comments, the form will be automatically returned to the manager to review again. 


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