Uploading your company logo

As an administrator, you can upload your company logo to personalise your user's accounts. 


Once uploaded, the logo will appear in the top left hand corner of your screen on all of your user's accounts. 


To upload your company logo, simply to go Administration > Company > Settings > Company Settings and scroll down to the 'General Settings' section at the bottom of the page: within this section, you will see the option upload your company logo 


Important Note:

The logo will display maximum size of 210px wide X 56px high (Ratio 3.72:) - we recommend you try to make your logo as close to this size and ratio as possible and use a transparent PNG or GIF as Logos on a white background will display the background colour. We also recommend that you optimise your logo as images may need to be rescaled and image with a large weight will impact on the site's loading time. 

Once you select Submit, the uploaded image will be displayed successfully. 

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