Displaying Company Mission Statement, Vision & Values

Within the Enterprise version of Natural HR, administrators have the ability to display the company's mission statement, vision and values on the home screen of employee self service accounts. 

How will this help my business?

By making sure that employees are aware of the company's vision, mission and values this will help to reinforce the direction of the business in their minds and help them to achieve the common goal. 


How do I set this up?

As an administrator, go to Administration > Company > Settings > Company information and scroll down to the Company Culture section. 

Within the Company Culture section, you will see the text fields to enter your company's mission statement, vision and up to 5 values. 

Under Values, the titles will be displayed as bullet points on the home screen of the employee accounts the descriptions, will display as boxes when the user hovers over the title to give extra information around each of the particular values. 


Important Note: Any information entered into these fields will be made publicly available to all users within your company.


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