Error 17 - Incorrect Username or Password

Error 17 depicts that your either your log in username or password are incorrect. Whilst this can be frustrating, from a security perspective we are unable to tell you which one is the incorrect value. 

Multiple failed log in attempts will result in the account being frozen for 15 minutes to prevent log in Brute Force attacks.

Any further log in attempts during the frozen account period will reset the timer - so it is always best to wait until the timer has finished. 

Common Causes:

  • Passwords saved in browsers: 90% of log in issue received by Natural HR support staff are due to users saving their passwords in browsers and not updating this when the password is reset. Whilst we recommend not saving your passwords, if you choose to you must ensure that the saved password is updated, otherwise your browser will continue to automatically populate the field with the old saved password resulting in a failed log in attempt.
  • Forgotten password or Username 


How to resolve Error 17

In order to regain access, you may need to reset your password using the "forgotton password" link on the log in page. Alternatively, contact your system administrator who can reset your log in details on your behalf. 

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