How to change an employee's manager

Within Natural HR, there are a couple of ways which you can update an employee's manager. 

The first, and quickest method is to go to Administration > HR > Manager Change 

Simply, select the current manager, select the employee(s) which you wish to change, select their new manager from the list and select submit.

A green banner will confirm the successful manger change. 


The Second method, would be to change the manager through the employee file. 

1. Go to People > Employees and find the particular employee's card 

2. Select the Change Icon below the employee card

3. Select the new manager's name from the Manager drop down list & Select Submit at the bottom of the page 


The Manager does not appear in the List?

If the manager you wish to assign the employee to does not appear in either manager change lists, the most likely cause is that they have have not been assigned to a manger level job role. Visit the Manager Level job role article for guidance on creating this role. 

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