Approving/Rejecting Requests

As an Administrator, HR or Manager level user, you have the ability to be able to approve requests made by employees. 

As an administrator or HR, you are able to approve requests across the entire organisation however, a manager level user will only be able to approve, or reject requests made by your team members.


When a new request requires your approval firstly, you will receive an email notifying you that a request has been submitted. The email will contain an "Action Now" button which will direct you through to the specific request where you can view the relevant information and act upon it. 

Secondly, on the right hand side of the screen when you log in to Natural HR, the request will appear under the "Workflow" Section. 

When a request appears under your Workflow, simply click on the request and you will be able to view the relevant information and approve or reject it with any extra comments which will be published back to the employee. 

One you have responded to a request, the employee will receive an email notifying them of the outcome likewise, the request outcome will appear under the "recent actions" section on their home screen. 

Important workflow information:

1. The workflow is displayed in reverse order (oldest requests at the top, newest at the bottom). The main reason for this being, that requests which have been waiting for an action for the longest amount of time typically require your attention before newer requests. 

2. The workflow can only display a maximum of 25 items at a time, if an item does not appear in the workflow you may need to action some older requests before the new items will appear. 

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