Submitting a Timesheet

Within Natural HR, the timesheets module will allow users to complete and submit timesheets based on hours which they have worked. 

How to Submit a Timesheet 

1. Go to the 'What would you like to do?' and Select 'Add a timesheet.'


Important Note: The information that you are seeing in relation to what is in this article may vary depending on how your company has configured the system - In this case, please follow the instructions given to you by your HR department as this article will simply outline the basic process of submitting timesheets.


2. Input timesheet information 

1 - Select Week Beginning dates

2 - Select specific date of timesheet entry

- Select Timesheet Reference, Start time, End time, Breaks and add any comments 

4 - Add the entry to the timesheet 

Note: You can add multiple days to the same timesheet entry before submitting, simply repeat the above process for the individual days.

Submitting a timesheet for approval 

1. Go to Self Service > My Requests > Timesheets

2. Select the 'Tick Icon' next to the timesheet which you wish to submit 


3. Check that all of the info is correct, Check the box to confirm the declaration and Select submit to submit the form for approval. 

A green banner will confirm that the timesheet has successfully been submitted for approval


Once your timesheet has been approved or rejected, you will receive an email letting you know the outcome of this request; You will also see either the approved or rejected outcome under the recent actions section of the home screen when you log into the system. 

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