Unauthorised absence heatmap

The Unauthorised absence heatmap is used to highlight patterns of unauthorised absence for an employee grouped by the day of the week.

It is displayed on the employee card of each employee and is only used for time off types where Authorised is set to No in the time off settings for that type.

You can adjust the period over whcih the heatmap looks in Timeoff settings using the Absence rate period and also can choose to turn the heatmap on and off in Display settings.

An example of a heatmap might be:

The heatmap uses four colours to highlight potential issues with an employee's absence. The individual colours are triggered based on a percentage of the total number of possible days the employee could have worked in the indicated period in a similar way to Absence rate. In each case, when you hover over the relevant day a tooltip will appear which will show you the actual number of instances.

The four colours used are:

Grey - non working day

Green - absence for that is less than 2.5% of the total possible working days

Orange - absence for that is less is between 2.5% and 4.9% of the total possible working days

Red - absence for that is over 5% of the total possible working days


For example, in a "typical" working environment where an employee works 5 days per week over 52 weeks of the year this works out as 260 days per year.

Using the above calculation, any given day would trigger as ORANGE when the employee has more than 6 instances of unauthorised absence on that day and RED when the employee has more than 12 instances of unauthorised absence on that day.

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