Employee Development (Succession planning)

Employee development and succession planning are critical elements which enable a HR department to identify which employees are a best fit for promotions into more senior positions. 

The employee development section works alongside competencies, so it is crucial that competencies are set up correctly before utilising the development section of Natural HR. 

Employee development explores maps three sets of employees competencies: the employees' existing competency map (Red) , the competency map for the current job role (Grey) and the competency map for a particular role which the employee has expressed an interest in progressing into in the future (Green). 

By mapping these three competency sets against each other, as a HR professional or manager you can clear see where the employee currently is in terms of their competencies in relation to their current role and identify any development gaps to enable them to reach a desired role in the future. 

(This is especially valuable when used alongside the 9-box grid  to identify the current performance and potential of a particular employee)


 Setting up Employee Development 

 Firstly, you will need to ensure that your competencies are set up correctly. 

1. On the employee card, go to 'Development' 




2. Select the desired development job role from the list, input any comments and select 'Submit'

2a. The desired Job role will now appear in the development list


3. Go back to the employee card and select 'Competencies'

The spider diagram will now show the three sets of competencies alongside one another as shown at the top of this article. 


Succession Scoring 

Alongside competency mapping, Natural HR can the suitability of employees for particular progressive roles based on various data matches. 

Managing Succession Scoring 

1. To view succession scoring, go to Administration > HR > Job Roles 

2Select the 'Ladder Icon' under Actions next to the relevant job role

3. Select the magnifying glass alonside the employee who's scores you wish to view. 

As you scroll down the page, Natural HR will cross reference matches in the requirements for the job role with various traits and competencies possessed by the employee. Any matches will be given a numerical score; the logic in this section suggests that the higher the score the more suitable the employee for this particular role. 

Scoring Areas:


  • Matched Competencies 
  • Competency ratings
  • Physical Scores (does the employee job location match the job role location)
  • Work History (Has this employee had experience working within a related, department for a related manager)
  • 9 box grid performance and potential scores


If you are happy to list this particular employee as a potential successor for this role, simply select Add Successor and they will be added to the list of potential role successors. 

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