Site-level time off settings

Site level time off settings are commonly used by businesses who have offices based across numerous different countries; using site level time off settings will allow you to set rules for time off which will only affect employees who are assigned to this particular site. 


These settings are especially useful if you have for example, an office in the UK and an office in the US and you need to apply different time off settings. 


You can apply site level time off settings by going to Administration > HR > Sites and adding a site or editing an existing one.  At the bottom of the site information fields you will notice a check box entitled "Site level timeoff settings". Selecting this, will open a new section of fields which will allow you to input these settings. 



The settings which are available are as follows: 

Holiday Year: Select whether your holiday year starts from your employee start date or a set date in the year. If 'Set date' is selected, a date picker field will appear. 

Carryover days: Select the maximum number of carryover days which employees on this site are entitled to

Carryover expiry (weeks): Select the number of weeks after which, carryover values will expire.

Timeoff allowances accrual: If yes is selected, an employee who starts mid-year will have their annual timeoff allowance accrued based on the remaining length of the holiday year. 

Accrue timeoff in lieu:  If you are using time sheets, select yes to automatically accrue excess time worked as bookable time off in lieu. 

Company holidays mandatory: If yes is selected, this will enable mandatory holidays to be automatically deducted from the time off allowance. 

Round up time off balances: Select yes to round up time off balances to the nearest whole number or unit.

Return to work form: If your site requires a return to work form, you can either select a system default form to use or select a form which you have created using our Form Builder.

Working days: Select the default working days for employees assigned for this particular site (can be overwritten on the employee card)

Standard working day in hours: Input the standard working day in hours for your employees assigned for this particular site (can be overwritten on the employee card)

Work week begins on: Select the day on which your working week begins for employees assigned to this particular site. 

Variable hours percentage allowance: If any of the employees assigned to this site work variable hours (zero hours contracts) this percentage determines the allocation of time off per hour which is worked.



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