Employee card icons explained

Within the employee card view, there are a couple of icons which may be displayed near the employee's photograph. 

Recording lateness

On the top left hand side, a small clock icon will allow you to record an instance of lateness for a particular employee. 



Upon clicking the clock icon, a pop up window will appear asking for further details regarding the lateness entry. Once submitted, this information will be stored alongside the employee file. 


Key Employee

In some instances, a small key icon may be displayed on the top right hand corner just above the employee photograph. 

The key icon indicates that this particular employee is a "Key Employee" and is of particular value to your organisation. This is for information purposes only and cannot be seen by the individual employee. 


Manager Icon

Either next to the key employee icon or in it's place, you will notice a small person figure. This icon indicates that this particular employee is linked to a manager level role. 


Fire warden and first aider

If you have employees in your company who are either fire wardens or first aiders, this will also show on the employee card - to the top right you will see an icon for fire warden and / or first aider (in this case, as well as being a manager).


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