System Diagnostics

Occasionally, when working with Natural HR support we will ask you for a screenshot of your system diagnostics section.

Diagnostics are used to show any abnormalities which may be causing larger issues within the system. 

If you go to Administration > Company > Diagnostics you will see that there are various sections for you to expand:

There are warning labels programmed into Natural HR to warn you if there is a common issue causing a fault but for more detail, you can expand each of these sections by selecting the downwards arrow on the right hand side of the section. 

Once expanded, any issues will be highlighted in red with the option to show any specific employee accounts who are related to the issue. In this instance, our Time off types are using both Pool allowances and Individual allowances which is causing a conflict in the system and therefore causing time off balances to be incorrectly displayed.  In which case, you will decide whether you wish to use Pool or individual allowances and delete the one which you don't to use under Time off Types. 

If you come across an issue in Diagnostics which you are not sure how to resolve, log a support ticket with Natural HR containing details of the issue and a screenshot of diagnostics and we will be able to walk you through to a resolution. 

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