Our new competency tracking system contains the ability to monitor competencies against both your job roles and your employees. 

Within Natural HR, you will now be able to create library of competencies and allocate them each of the job roles within your organisation; Job role competencies are then scored between 1 and 5 (low to high) and measured against employee competencies (also scored between 1 and 5). The scores are then displayed within a spider diagram to enable you to identify any development gaps between your required job role competencies and the employees' actual competency scores. 


How will tracking competencies help my business?

  • Identify development gaps - Competency tracking will allow you to identify any development gaps between your required competency ratings and the actual rating of the individual employee. Once this gap has been identified, as a manager you can take steps to improve the employee's particular skills to move them closer to the required rating. 
  • Aid succession planning - When it comes to succession planning, knowing the competencies of a particular employee can make a real difference when it comes to promoting the right person. Measuring actual employee competencies against job requirements is a great way to ensure that the best person for the job progresses - This is also a great tool to use alongside our 9-box grid
  • Recognise employee strengths - As a manager, you need to be aware of your employees strengths and weaknesses. By tracking their competencies, it becomes easy to identify the specific skill sets where particular employees' excel which will allow you play to their strengths when setting goals or tasks. 


How to set up competencies within Natural HR

To set up competencies within Natural HR, there are a number of steps which you must follow. 

Step 1 - Create a Library of Competencies 

1. Go to Administration > HR > Competencies

2. Select 'Add' to add the competencies which you wish to track. - Repeat this until you have a full list of all the competencies that you wish to allocate to both the job role and individual employee. 


Step 2 - Allocate competencies from library to Job Roles

1. Go to Administration > HR > Job Roles

2. Select the 'Pencil' Icon to edit an existing job role. 

* Important Note: You can only add competencies to existing job roles, if you are adding a new job role you must create the role first and add the competencies afterwards. 

3. Select 'Add' to add a new competency and required rating to this job role

4. Select Submit at the bottom of the page when all of these competencies are added. 

Step 3 - Allocate individual employee competencies

1. Go to People >  Employees and select the employee card of the particular employee who's competencies you wish to update. 

2. Select the Competencies tab at the bottom of the employee card. 

3. Select add to add an employee competency, rating and an optional comment. 

4. Once you have added all of the competencies, Refresh the pageThis will update the required role table and spider diagram to show the employee ratings against the required job role ratings. 


Adjusting the Competencies scale

By default, the numerical scale for competency ratings will be 1-5. Administrators have the option to adjust this by going to Administration > Company > Settings > Company Settings, under Performance management there is an option entitled "Competency rating scale" - using this field, you can adjust the numerical scale using the different options. 

Displaying Competency ratings and spider chart to employees'

Competency ratings and the spider chart can be made available for employees to view within their self-service accounts. 

As an administrator, you will need to go to: Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings Where under 'Employee Views' you will need to set the 'Competency chart visible to to employees' field to 'Yes'.

Employees can then view this information within Self Service > My development > My competencies 

Employee's viewing or updating competencies 

 There also the option to allow employees to view only or view and update their competencies within self-service. 

To enable this, you will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings, scroll down to the Employee Views section and adjust the "Competency chart visible to employees" field to reflect the change. 

Once submitted, an option within Self-service > My development will appear entitled "My competencies" allowing the employee to view and/or update their competency ratings from within their account. 

Disabling Competencies 

The option for competencies and development can be disabled within the system. This will not affect the data you have created for these modules but will remove it from display until it is enabled again. This can be found via:

Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings

From here, scroll down to ‘performance modules.’ There will be tick boxes that determine whether the particular module is visible to employees. Simply untick the box, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘submit’ and the modules will be hidden from display.

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