Natural HR - New Layout Guidance 2016

We are excited to launch a fresh and updated look to the Natural HR system. Whilst we constantly strive to improve the application with a plethora of new features and functionality, we are keen to retain the sense of simplicity and familiarity which our clients love. 

The August 2016 layout update will include a number of different style-based changes, the most noticeable of which will be the new menu layout. A number of sections have been moved but here is a handy guide to help you to find everything within the new layout. 

Please note: Depending on what version of Natural HR you are using, your user group and permissions, you may not be able to see some of the below menu items.

This is to be expected but if you are unsure then you should speak to your administrator.


Administration - Contains the 'Company' & 'HR' menus, previously separate menu entries merged into one location. 



Self Service Menu - Contains the Self-service menu with a few minor changes. Each of the 



People Menu - This contains: Employees, Company Users (previously located within the 'Company' menu) and the Employee Directory. 

Reporting - The Reporting icon contains the library of Pre-built reports. 



 Time & Attendance This contains Late records, Timeoff, Timeoff in Lieu & Timesheets.  This section also contains the full calendar view, company events, company holidays and reminders which were previously located under the 'More' section. 



Documents - The documents section contains access to Company Documents and document templates, both of these were previously located within the 'More' section of the past layout. Individual documents still reside within the employee card feature. 

Performance - The performance section still contains the same items as the previous version such as, Goal Library, 360 Feedback process, programs, reviews, review scheduling and warnings. However, with the new layout arrives our new 9 box grid feature. 


 Recruitment - The recruitment section of the main menu contains the unchanged recruitment module. 

Training - The training section contains access to the library of training courses and the record of previously completed training courses. To allocate a training course to an individual, you will still need to go through the employee file. 

Finance - The finance section of the menu grants access to the Expenses and Mileage modules. From here, users can view expenses and mileage records as action pending claims. 


Facilities - The facilities section of the menu includes access to the Asset Management module. This section will allow users add new assets to the platform as well as manage any existing assets. 

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