Adding and assigning an approver

Within Natural HR, extra permissions can be added to an employee to give them access to approve requests.

We typically find that this is at it's most useful when there is a manager (or normal approver) out of the office and another member of the team is given the responsibility of approving requests to keep the business "ticking over". 

The approver permissions fall largely alongside standard employee permissions with the minor addition of the workflow beneath the "Announcements" section. 

Please note: the approver will only be able to approve requests and will not have any access to modules such as Employee, Performance and so on.

Setting up an Approver

To give an employee access to approver permissions, go to People > Users and either select Add to add a new user or use the Pencil Icon to edit existing user permissions.

When assigning the user group, you should set this to "approver" under the user group drop down list of this section. 

Once this has been submitted, this approver will now be eligable to be selected as an approver for specific users. 

By default, all users with Manager, HR and admin level permissions will already have Approver permissions.

Assigning or changing an Approver

To assign an approver to an employee you need to use the 'Change' action on their employee card (accessed through People > Employees



By default, the approver will be sent to the employee's manager but once this is submitted the selected new approver will be able to approve this particular employee's requests. 

 Approver adding time off 

Approver-level users have the ability to add time off on behalf of the employee's who they are set to approve. 

When setting up the Approver access level, or editing an existing user account you will need to select the checkbox entitled "Allow approver to add time off"

 Once submitted, this will allow make the Time and Attendance module appear giving the option for Approvers' to add time off for their respective employees. 

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