Mandatory Documents

Within Natural HR, you have the ability to distinguish certain documents as "Mandatory Documents". Mandatory documents are types of documents which by law, certain companies are required to keep a record of. Examples of these types of documents could be, Passports, Driving licenses and Right to work forms. 

Mandatory documents can be set up by going to Administration > HR > Mandatory Documents > Mandatory Documents and adding a new Mandatory document type to the list. 




Once a new document type has been added, when you are uploading a document to an employee file (on the employee card) you will be able to select whether or not this is a Mandatory document using a populated drop down list.

Two extra fields will then appear requesting an expiry date, and a date which you would like a reminder to be set notifying you of the document expiry date. 



Required Mandatory Documents 

Whilst all mandatory documents are required, there are some which you will require more importantly than others - these are referred to as "Required Mandatory Documents".  Some companies choose to set all mandatory documents to "required" whilst others choose to maintain the distinction - this is down to your preference. 

To select which mandatory documents are required, go to Administration > Company > Required Documents 

From here, you will be able to select which types of mandatory documents are required for both employees and candidates who are taking part in your selection process. 

You are then able to clearly check the status of your required mandatory documents by going to Administration > HR > Mandatory documents > Required mandatory document check 

The table will clearly display any existing documents in green, Existing documents which have expired in orange and missing documents in red

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