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Within Natural HR, users have the ability to create social profiles. Social profiles are designed to give each user the opportunity to publish information about themselves including, hobbies, interests, achievements, social media links and links to other external websites. 

How will social profiles help my business?

By encouraging your employees to interact with each other regularly, you are creating a positive company culture. A positive company culture will lead to a higher level of employee engagement which in turn, will lead to a more productive and enthusiastic workforce. 

Social profiles will give your employees the freedom to develop a stronger personal relationship with each other, thus making them feel as though they belong within your organisation. 

How to set up Social Profiles 

1. Go to the Profile Menu > My profile


2. Select the Pencil Icon to edit social profile information


3. Fill in the various fields for your profile and Select Submit at the bottom of the page. 

Note: All information published in this profile is publicly available within your organisation and view-able through the general directory.


A green banner will then confirm a successful submission 


4. Go back to My profile (from the profile menu) and change the small switch on top left hand corner of the profile to green for this to be available on the directory 


Viewing Social Profiles 

Social profiles can be viewed through either the Directory or the "My Team" section on the home screen. 

Hovering over the employee's photograph will display a link icon, clicking on this will display the employee's full profile 

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