Social Recognition

Within Natural HR, users are able to socially recognise a colleague who has helped them or done well. Socially recognising employee's achievements moves towards encouraging a hire level of engagement within a workforce. 

How will social recognition help my business?

Employees who are positively engaged are proven to be more productive and contribute more effectively to the running of the business as they feel more valued. Studies have shown that psychologically, people crave acceptance as one of their drivers for success and happiness. Therefore, having a platform through which employees can socially interact and receive social recognition within the confines of a HR system provides a strong foot-hold towards achieving optimum employee engagement. 


Setting up Social Recognition

You must first ensure that the Social Stream is Enabled - Under Administration > Company > Settings> Social > Social Settings 


1. Set up Social Recognition Categories - Administration > Company > Settings > Social > Recognition Categories

Recognition Categories allow HR to keep track of the various types of recognition which are being given. 

Selected Icons will be displayed alongside the message on the social stream, in the particular colour which is chosen. 

Link to company values - If company values are set up, there is the option to link social recognition to the company values. 

Require Approval? - Social recognition categories can also require approval. If this field is set to 'Yes' when create a recognition category, the employee's line manager will need to approve the social recognition before it is displayed. 

Permissions will depict if a particular recognition category can only be awarded by HR or Managers, this is perfect for an employee of the month award as you would not want just general employees to be giving this type of recognition. 

Reporting on Social Recognition

HR users can view all recognition given by going to Administration > HR > Social Recognition.

Various filters can be applied to show more specific records of social recognition data. 

 Adding social recognition will also generate an email alert to the employee receiving the recognition and their manager. 

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