Social Stream Automation

Within Natural HR, we find that a great tool to encourage Employee Engagement is the Social Stream. 

Not only can users log in and post messages, which in turn can be liked and replied to by others but the social stream can also be used to publicise announcements internally. Automated messages can be set up to display messages of the following types:

New Social Recognition 

New Starter Welcome

Job Change

New Job Requisition


Message Automation 

To automate these messages, go to Administration > Company > Settings > Social > Social Settings 

From here, you can input the text which will be displayed as part of the automated messages.

In order to personalise these messages, the system recognises tags which relate directly to various fields of data which have been populated in the system. The following tags can be used within the social stream:

Important Note: You MUST include the !! before and after the tag, otherwise the system will not correctly display the message 

Social Recognition Tags

!!rec_firstname!! – recipient’s first name
!!rec_surname!! – recipient’s surname
!!sender_firstname!! – sender’s first name
!!sender_surname!! – sender’s surname
!!citation!! – citation entered by the sender

  Example Message:

  !!rec_firstname!! !!rec_surname!! has been recognised by !!sender_firstname!! !!sender_surname!! for:     !!citation!!  

New Starter Tags

!!firstname!! – new starters firstname
!!surname!! – new starters surname

  Example Message:

  Please say hello to !!firstname!! !!surname!! who started with us today

Job Change Tags

!!firstname!! – new starters firstname
!!surname!! – new starters surname
!!new_job_role!! – new job role name

  Example Message:

  Congratulations to !!firstname!! !!surname!! on their promotion to !!new_job_role!! 

New Requisition Tags

!!role!! – job role requisition is for
!!contact!! – contact person dealing with the role

  Example Message: 

  New job requisition added for !!role!! - please contact !!contact!! for further details 



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