Adding Recruiters

What are Recruiters?

The recruiters section within Natural HR allows external recruiters to add candidates to your open requisition. This will not only prevent recruiters having to email candidate's details to you, but allow you to track which candidates are linked to a specific recruiter. 

Setting up a recruiter will not give them access to your system but it will allow them to complete your published requisition on the behalf of the candidate. 


How do I set up Recruiters?

To set up recruiters simply go to Recruitment > Options > Recruiters and select 'Add'



The majority of the fields are self explanatory however, the field to be most aware of is the 'Unique Code' field. 

The unique code will become the method of identifying which recruiter has completed your requisition; the unique code should consist of between 3 and 32 characters and contain no numbers or special characters.


When a recruiter is completing the requisition on the behalf of the candidate, they must add their unique code to the end of the URL when applying. (See Below) Once submitted, the system will recognise the code and associate the candidate with this particular recruiter. 





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