Time off Allowance Explained

Within your Natural HR account, your time off balance will be displayed within a 'Doughnut Chart'. 

(Please bear in mind that your view of this chart may differ depending on how your company has configured the system. Depending on your company policy, this may also be displayed in 'Hours' rather than 'Days').

At any point, if you hover over any of the sections in the graph the specific area will expand to show clearly show the value. 


Sections Explained:

The centre of the doughnut will clearly display how many days you have remaining. This is the value that will be deducted should you book any time off. 

Taken: The 'Taken' section displays the number of days which have been already been taken in the past. 

Mandatory: 'Mandatory' days are days which have already been deducted from your allowance by your company. These are days which the whole company must have off either due to policy or legislation; For example, public holidays, bank holidays etc...

Booked: 'Booked' days refer to future time off requests which have yet to be taken. 

True Balance: The 'True Balance' figure, also the figure in the centre of the chart relates to the remaining bookable allowance assuming that all 'Booked' days will be taken. Once a new request is issued, the true balance will be automatically recalculated to include the new booked days. Likewise, once a future booked date is cancelled within the system the true balance will be automatically updated. 

To calculate your full annual entitlement, simply add all of the section values together and you this will show your total allowance. If you have any questions or issues surrounding your allowance, please contact your HR department or system administrator. 


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