Submitting a Time off Request

 To submit a time off request within Natural HR, go to 'What would you like to do?' and Select 'Request Timeoff'. 


Select the type of time off which you wish to book (Types may vary depending on your company policies and how the system has been configured).

Input start date, end date, calculate the duration (or add it manually if this field is available) and enter any comments.

Once you have inputted all of the information, select 'Submit' to send the request to the approver.


Once the request has been sent to the approver, you will receive an email notification letting you know whether your request has been approved or denied. This outcome will also appear under the 'Recent Actions' section on your dashboard when you log in to the system. 

Updating / deleting time off requests

If you need to make an adjustment or delete a time off request, you are free to do so up until the point where this has been approved; after your request has been approved, you will need to contact your manager or a system administrator (typically someone in HR) as they will need to make this change on your behalf in the system. 

To make these changes, you will need to go to:

Self-service > My requests > Time off 

Alongside these any pending requests beneath "Actions", you will need to select the Pencil icon to edit the request or the Cross icon to edit or delete the request respectively. 


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