Create a custom interview email

You can create a custom interview email to send to candidates when scheduling an interview.

To do so you need to go to Administration > Company >Settings > Recruitment settings and enter the custom text into "Interview confirmation email".

You can add any text you wish to the box as well as some fields which are relative to the specific individual and role.

To add these fields simply place any of the below in the location you desire in the email and when you add an interview, the system will replace these placeholders with the correct values for that interview.

  • [first_name] - First name of candidate
  • [sur_name] - Surname of candidate
  • [date] - date of scheduled interview
  • [time] - time of scheduled interview
  • [location] - location of scheduled interview
  • [post_applied_for] - Requisition job title
  • [interviewer] - Name of interviewer
  • [interviewer_job_title] - Job title of interviewer
  • [interviewer_email] - Email address of interviewer
  • [message_to_recipient] - Insert a pre-built message to the recipient


Thank you for applying for the role of [role]. We are pleased to confirm your interview for this role will be held at [location] on [date] at [time].


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