CAUTION: Days entered does not match the system calculated days for these dates - system calculated value is x days

When approving time off you may sometimes see a notification like the below relating to requests:

 This warning message will only show on the approver side of the request after it has been initially submitted. 

This warning is shown when an employee has entered a time off request via self service and has either entered the number of days/hours themselves or modified it from the system calculated value.

The most frequent time this will happen is when the employee is requesting 0.5 days as the system will always calculate allowance in whole days. In the above case, the system calculated that the value should have been 8 days but the employee has entered 8.5 hence it is flagged.

The reason for the warning is that employees may accidentally enter the incorrect value when entering time off even when not for half days - for example they want to book 2 days but enter 3 or they want to book 3 days and enter 2. Ultimately, the value entered in the days/hours box is what is used when counting remaining employee entitlement and balances hence it is vital to get it correct.

When you see this message, you just need to double check that the value is correct - if it is something obvious like they entered 3 instead of 2 then you can simply reject the request - if it is a half day then it is good practice to encourage your users to enter this in the comments box when submitting the request or, alternatively, you may need to contact them to clarify.

Note: This can only happen if you have set "Allow employees to enter timeoff days/hours" to 'YES' under Display Settings. (Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings)

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