Accrued Time Off

My employee's are not provided any Paid Time Off at the beginning of the year, as they are contractors. All public/company holidays are unpaid. However we have an incentive program in which an employee can earn a certain number of paid hrs off each month based on performance. How do I correctly set this up, so I am able to add hrs per month to each employee's "pool/bank" of paid time off. 



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    The only way to do this would be to use Time off in Lieu  but it would depend if you are using timesheets or not - if you are then switching on time off in lieu will mean contractors getting credited time off against overtime which you may not want.

    If you are not using timesheets then set up a type called whatever you want and attribute to be used for Time off in lieu. You can then manually add time off to Time off in lieu under the company menu as required and contractors can book it under the time off module as normal using the type you allocated.

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