Change to deduction of mandatory company holidays

As a result of an update which addressed an issue whereby if you had multiple time off types set to deducting and had set Company holidays to mandatory which resulted in the Company holiday balance being deducted multiple times we had added an additional setting in Time off Types to indicate from which balance you wish to deduct mandatory Company holidays.

As a result, if you were previously using Mandatory Company Holidays you may now find that these are no longer being automatically deducted from your overall balance hence showing an incorrect available balance.

To correct this you need to allocate a time off type to be used to deduct the Company Holidays from - there is now a new option under time off types called "Default deducting type". To utilise this you should edit the type you wish to use and set Default deducting type to Yes.

Please note: this option will only appear if you have set Company Holidays Mandatory to Yes under 'Time off Settings (Global)'. Additionally, you can only have one type set to yes for Default deducting type and as soon as you have one set to yes the option will no longer appear for the other types.

For more help in setting up mandatory company holidays click here

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