Diagnosing issues with time off types

If you are having problems with the time off such as employee balances being incorrect or no time off showing as available to employees there is a troubleshooter included within Time off types which should assist.

To access the troubleshooter simply go to https://www.naturalhr.net/hr/company/time-off-types/ and at the bottom of the screen, click the drop down arrow plus next to HELP which will then show you the state of your company relative to time off and the new settings.

If you see anything in RED you need to correct this - for example, this will highlight if you have mixed time off types, and employees with no timeoff starting balances.

Additionally, when you click show next to each item you will get a list of the items which make up that section - if you click the name you will be taken to the edit or benefits page for that record to be able to make changes.

In the sections where they reference employees there is also the ability to delete/reset timeoff balance values on an employee by employee basis - in the case of POOL values, this will set the employee holiday value to 0 and, in the case of INDIVIDUAL, this will remove all entries for this employee from the individual allowances table.

If you file a support ticket relating to time off types with Natural HR occasionally, you will be asked to send a screenshot of this section as this is often where the cause of the issue can be found. 

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