Time off balances are incorrect

If your time off balances are not correct you should check the following things:

  1. Ensure you have set the start of year date for your company and that it is current - Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff settings (global)
  2. Ensure the employee has the correct value in their holidays allowance - in the employee file click on Benefits. You should NOT prorate this to allow for employees who start mid year.
  3. Ensure the employee start date is set correctly
  4. Ensure the employee contract end date is set correctly
  5. Check if you have enabled 'Timeoff allowances accrual' within - Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff settings (global) under the 'Accrual' section

REMEMBER: The system will automatically pro rate allowances for those employees who start mid year - if you also have a contract end date set then this will also be taken into account and both combined can significantly reduce the employee displayed allowance. For example, if there is only a 3 month difference between start and end date then the employee will on'y be entitled to ~1/4 of their normal allowance.


Additionally, if you use Timeoff allowances accrual then the employee will only be entitled to what actual allowance they have earned - simplistically, on day 1 of the holiday year they are entitled to nothing and at the end of month 1 they are entitled to 1/12 and so on.

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