My employees start and end working on different days and timesheets give an error

In the vast majority of cases, an employee will start and finish on the same day. - For example, the employee will start at 08:00 on Monday and finish at 17:30 on the same day.

However, for some companies employees work night shifts or overtime which can mean they roll over onto the next day.

Natural HR contains built in  logic to ensure that the end time is after the start time when entering a timesheet but in these scenarios, this will cause a problem.

To overcome this, there is an option in Administration > Company > Settings > Timesheets > Timesheets settings entitled "Timesheets Midnight Rollover" - if you set this to 'Yes' the start and end time check is removed which will allow you to enter a start time of for example, 2200 and a finish time of 0400 without the error occurring.

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