Allow employees to fill in their performance reviews

If you use the FORM BUILDER to create performance forms, you can (optionally) get your employees to fill in parts of the employee review.

To do this requires a few steps:

1) Firstly check that the form itself is set to Visible to employee – you can check this by editing the form and make sure that the 'Visible to employee' field is set to 'Yes'.

2) Then make sure in Display Settings ( under Employee views, that you set the 'Reviews visible to employees' field to 'Yes'.

3) Finally, when building the actual form fields make sure you mark the fields that you want the Employee to fill in by setting 'Employee Access' to 'Update Field' (this will then add a User icon next to the label for those fields).

  1. Additionally you should ensure that you set the 'Employee List' dropdown field to not be visible to employees or they will be able to choose to submit a review for someone else. You can do this by setting the 'Employee Access' for this field to 'None'.
  2. You should consider adding an 'Employee Completed' field to the form.  This way, the employee can continue editing the form until they choose set the Employee completed field to 'YES'.
  3. If you add required fields to your forms, this will mean that employees must fill in the fields before submitting or saving the form - if an employee is only filling in part they will need to have provided answers to all the required fields before they can submit.
  4. Once either 'Completed' or 'Employee Completed' is set to 'Yes', the employee will no longer have the option to modify the contents of the form though they will still be able to view their responses.

4) Once these have been done, next to the form in the form listing you will see a Tick icon which will allow you to Publish the form to employees.

Once you click this, you will then be able to choose who to send the form to – you can either choose Employees and then pick the employee/employees you want to send it to or you can use Metadata which will allow you to send it to everyone by department, role, manager or site.

When the employee then logs in they will have the option to fill in and view their performance reviews via:

Self Service > My Development > My Reviews

CAUTION: When employees are filling in their reviews it can take sometime to complete the necessary fields - ensure that if they are entering the data directly into the form that your security timeout is not set to be too short or, when they click submit, they may get logged out and the data may not be accessible.

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