Error message: This email address is already in use

When adding a user you will sometimes be presented with the error message "This email address is already in use" - often clients get confused as they look through their users and the email address is not in use so contact support as they believe this is a bug on our part.

When someone logs in to Natural HR they do not enter their company details - they simply enter their username (an email address usually) and a password. In the background the system then not only checks that the details are valid but also then assigns them to the correct company and so on. 

Often we get clients sign up for dummy or test accounts and they use their personal email address - other times someone will be employed by company A and then move to Company B and are using a generic domain like gmail or hotmail etc

As a result, email addresses / login names must be unique across the whole of Natural HR i.e. not just within your account.

So what are your options if this happens? There are three possible solutions:

1) Use an alternate email address (not always possible nor desirable);

2) Don't use an email address as login name (for example if the email address is you could use bob) - there are downsides to this approach as it means forgotten password process etc may not work;

3) Ask the person in question to remove the account or user details which the email address is attached to - the person in question MUST do this, we cannot even if the email address is using your company domain name

To reiterate, we cannot remove accounts or users belonging to another client regardless of the intention - the person who owns the address in question needs to login to the account and remove it themselves or contact the owner of the account which the email is assigned to and ask them to delete it for them.

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