Setting up Company User Accounts

When you set up an employee in Natural HR they do not automatically get the ability to login and manage their account. The reason for this is that many clients choose simply to use Natural HR as a employee database and do not want employees to have access.

To give an employee access, you need to set up 'Company Users' via People > Users and Select 'Add' 

where you then link the User back to an employee file which then allows that user to manage that file.

When it comes to selecting their user group, there is a useful article which will explain the various user permission levels; We advise caution when creating Admin level users as these users will have access to the complete overview of the system.

When setting up the user you have the option of sending them two emails with their login details - for this to work you need to ensure you have entered an accurate email address in the employee file under WORK EMAIL as this is what is used for the email generation.

Also you should check out for information on how the list of employees is populated under Company Users.

 Adding Company Users Video



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