Reporting permissions

It is possible, within natural HR to allocate reporting permissions to specific user groups. 

To access the permissions, simply go to Administration > Company > Reporting permissions where you will see the below screen:

To allocate permissions to a specific report to a user group simply tick the box where the report and the user group meet in the table.

Once you add any permissions for a user group, Reporting will then appear in their menu bar and, likewise, once they click Reporting to enter the reporting module they will only see the relevant reports and report groups based on their permissions as set above.

IMPORTANT: By default, HR now has NO access to reporting so you need to give them access - this is a change from how the system worked previously and will mean you need to enter the module and give them access if you want them to be able to view any reports.

When you give a manager access to any report, the report will only show them data for their employees (i.e. those employees whom have the manager set as their manager in the employee file).

HR, Finance and Recruitment user groups are not filtered at all - if you give them access to a report it shows them the information for all employees across the whole company.

Finally, there is no way to allow employee level users access to any reporting at this time.

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