Access levels

Within Natural HR there are 9 pre defined access levels. 

Within the exception of Main admin, all users must be employees but you may choose not to give all employees user access.

Each user must be a member of at least one user group but they could be a member of more - for example, manager and recruiter.

Additionally, within Manager and HR user groups there are additional configuration options such as the ability to hide financial information, set read only and to control site access for example.

Finally, all user groups (with the exception of Main admin) also function with employee level access in additional to any chosen access - for example, a manager level user will "revert" to an employee user when they need to submit their own time off which they would have to do via Self Service for approval by their manager / approver.

Main admin

This is the account which is used to sign up for the system – this is the only account which is not linked to an employee file and which cannot be assigned to an employee or user. This account can also be used to make license- based changes to your Natural HR subscription. 


Can see all pages and sections and information on all employees etc, this account is linked to a self-service account but cannot be used to make license based changes to your Natural HR subscription.


Can perform all the functions of Employee but, additionally, can approve and view time off and timesheets etc for employees where they are specified as the approver. (We find that this is most useful for PA roles or instances where the normal approver is out of the office and a temporary approver needs to be put in place). 


Cannot access Company menu but can see all other pages and sections and information on all employees. Can carry out self-service on their own account.


Can only see information on their employees i.e. those who have this person assigned as their manager in their Employee information. For these employees, manager can see and do everything and they can perform self-service for their own account.


Restricted view. Can only perform self-service activities for their own account as well as provide feedback via 360 systems when a request is sent to them.


Same core access level as Employee but with the additional ability to run finance reports under Reporting module


Same core access level as Employee but with the additional ability to operate in Recruitment module and run recruitment reports under Reporting module


Same core access level as Employee but with the additional ability to access Assets and asset information

Additionally, for Manager and HR level it is possible to restrict access to financial and benefits information meaning they cannot access salary information such as Employee benefits.

To assist with security, menus are hidden and pages have inbuilt checking to ensure that users with inappropriate permissions cannot access restricted areas even if they know the URL - if someone does try to access a restricted page they will get a notification similar to the below and will not be able to do anything.

Important note on employee / user interaction

If you wish the system to actually interact with an employee (such as send an email to them or allow them to respond in some way) they need to be setup as a user with at least an employee user level.

For example, if you send a feedback request to an employee who is not set up as a user they will not be able to do anything with it as they do not have access.

For this reason, we recommend setting up all employees as users to allow them to get the benefit of the system though you may choose not to use any kind of self service and simply use Natural HR as a management platform.

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