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We have added the option to allow your performance review questions to be open ended rather than requiring an answer - prior to this point, each performance review question required a yes or no type answer and you could then enter a comment; This was initially designed for questions such as "Does this employee display the company values?".

However, many of our users have asked to use this for more open questions such as "Give examples of how this employee displays the company values" - whilst this is a similar question, it cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

To assist with this, when you create or edit your review questions there is now a tick box marked "Open ended" next to each question - if you tick this box then that question will be deemed to to an open question and the yes/no option will not be displayed.

Please note: this will NOT be able to be applied retrospectively to reviews already completed and will only apply to reviews going forward as even when you totally change or delete your review questions the prior reviews are "locked" in that the values of the questions are stored with the reviews.

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