Adding Google calendar (updated August 2016)

If you wish to include Google calendar data in the company calendar then you can do so by following the below process.

1. Go to your Google calendar and find the calendar you want to share in the left menu - click the dropdown arrow beside the calendar name. Below we have added a test event for today from 10am to 11am so you can see the integration at the end.


2. In the menu which appears you then should click "Calendar settings"


3. On the next screen note down your Calendar ID as this is what you need to enter into Natural HR. You also need to click Change Sharing Settings to set the calendar to public.


4. On the following screen ensure that "Make this calendar public" is TICKED and that "Share only my free/busy information" is NOT TICKED - click save when finished


5. Login to Natural HR as an administrator and go to Administration > Company >Settings >Company Settings - in the box marked "Google calendar link" type or paste the calendar ID you copied in step 3 and then click Update.

7. Now when you go to your calendar you will see the Google calendar events shown (please note: your colours may not match those shown below depending on your settings).

As you can see the item we created at the beginning called "Test event" on 26th November from 10am is now shown.

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