How do I find the record ID?

Occasionally, when working with support you may be asked to send the record ID of an affected record - the record ID is the system identifier which identifies that unique record in relation to all the other records.

It is always a number and can be anything from 1 digit upwards - it is always shown as part of the URL at the top of the browser window.

For example, take this time off record:

In this instance the employee ID is 364828 - the last 6 digits in the URL or web address.

Another example - this time a reminder:

In this example, this is reminder is 10748.

Finally, an example using departments:

This time, department ID is 83266.

Note that in each case we have gone into either view or edit the record to get the URL - this is because the URL then changes to reflect using that record. Whilst this is the easiest way to get the record ID (and also it means you can just copy and paste the URL) you can also use the status bar in your browser as, when you hover over a link to View employee for example, the address is shown in the status bar at the bottom of your browser.

For example, when we hover over view employee the whole URL which would be loaded if we clicked the link is shown in the status bar.


In this instance, as above, the employee ID is 193826.

Regardless of which method you use, supplying this information when contacting support means we can deal with your enquiry much more quickly and efficiently as, whilst people often mean well, if you tell us there is a problem with John Smith it can take us a while to find the right John Smith through the many tens of thousands of employees in the database.

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