Time tracking

As an alternative to Timesheets, we offer a Time tracking feature which allows users to clock in and clock out via the application. Whilst this has a similar purpose to Timesheets there is no link between the two hence information collected via one module cannot be used in the other and vice versa.

To enable Time tracking, you need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Display settings and then set enable the Time tracking module under the 'Module Display' section

Upon doing so, a new section will appear on the main page entitled Time recording:


The feature displays four key pieces of information - the current week, how many hours the employee is contracted to do, how many they have already registered via Time tracking and how many they still have to go.

To use, the employee needs to click the green 'Clock in' button to clock in,at which point the button will turned to red - this indicates they are currently clocked in. To clock out, the employee needs to click the red button and it will turn green to indicate they are currently clocked out.

Upon clocking out, the hours worked will be updated with the total time between clock in and clock out.


If an employee makes an error or forgets to clock in or out and the timings need modified or corrected then only an administrator can do so via the Timetracking module.

If an employee attempts to login and they are faced with a grey button containing an Error message, this means that they have timeoff booked at that time and therefore should not be clocking in so the system will prevent them doing so. This again can be rectified by an administrator as required.

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