Time setting on events

It is now possible when adding an event to the company calendar to specify a time for the start and end of the event - previously Events only support whole days but we realise that many events only last a few hours hence making this change.

When adding an event, you no longer need to enter the number of days - you simply enter the start date and time and then the end date and time and the system will then enter this on the calendar.

When entering the time you can do so manually but we STRONGLY recommend you use the date and time picker - if you do enter the date and time manually it must follow the format shown below dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm or mm/dd/yyyy HH:mm or yyyy/mm/dd HH:mm

The date picker works exactly as before but there is now a time picker added to the callout. You can select the time picker by clicking the clock icon at the bottom of the date picker tool. 

Alternatively, you can manually type the desired time into the start or end date field. 


On the company calendar, the display for events is also changed to reflect the time information and now lists the start time for events as well as the name - the dates will automatically span the correct days as before.

If you are booking a whole day event you need to ensure that you choose the correct end date and time - for example. previously if you wanted to book 2 days you would enter start date one as 18/09/2013 and end date as 19/09/2013. However, as these dates now also include times the actual dates you are entering are 18/09/2013 00:00 to 19/09/2013 00:00 which is only one day.

As a result, you should choose the following day for the end date.

If you have entries already in the system we have allowed for this is the display of items and also in the display of event data in the event module so you shouldn't need to do anything but a few may not work quite as expected in which case you simply need to edit the event via the Event module and it should then correctly display.

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