Why you should use an email address for company user login name

When creating a new company user, you need to enter a login name for the new user account. In doing so, you can enter more or less anything in the box as long as it has not already been used.

We STRONGLY recommend you enter an email address for the login name and not just a name, username or other phrase.

The reason for this being that if someone has forgotten their password or PIN and they use the Forgotten password or Forgotten PIN function they are asked to enter an email address associated with their account - this then looks for that email address in the user tables to reset their password. If you have entered a name rather than an email address for the login name, the lookup will match the name to an account but it will not be able send the email as your login name is not an email address.

We debated making an email address mandatory but some clients want their employees to use the same login for more than one system and want to use joe_bloggs, for example, rather than joe_bloggs@acme.com so in the scenario above the email would be sent to joe_bloggs which will obviously fail.

This is well and good and, in most situations will be fine but if that user forgets their password or PIN the ONLY way it can be reset is if your company admin logs in to their admin account and does it manually - none of the automated systems will work and we cannot and will not reset passwords and or PIN manually for any users due to security considerations.

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