How do I change an employees salary, holiday allowance, benefits etc?

This applies to changing:

  • Salary
  • Salary period
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Hours per week
  • Normal working days
  • Benefits

Whilst you can assign each of the above when creating an employee, if you want to change them this is not done via the normal edit employee screen.

To change these you need to click the Benefits tab (Briefcase symbol) on the employee card, this will load the Employee benefits module and allow you to edit these values.

You can also track the reason for these changes by selecting a "change reason" and set future "pending" changes  using the "change date" field. 

When using the 'Change date' field, any past dates or a present date will result in the change being made immediately. Any date in the future will result in the change being made on that specific date. 

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    I notice the system tracks Job changes, which is great, however does it track salary changes?

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    No it does not - it only tracks job/manager/department etc changes

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    Michelle Antczak

    Incredibly disappointed not to be able to track an employees history in pay, and hours of work. My new employer has employees with long services & many many changes. The payroll is done via bureau so not readily accessible in-house. The NHR system is rich in so many areas but pay/terms HISTORY is utterly key for our needs. I've implemented 3 HR systems of differing sizes + couple of payroll implementations with my previous (larger) employer and am just so surprised you don't have it. A deal breaker sadly...thought I'd stumbled on something super for my new role in a growing charity.

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