Employee cards

An employee card is, as the name suggests, a card which has the pertinent information for a given employee as well as links to all the possible actions which could be taken relevant to that employee.

To access an employee card, Simply go to 'People' > 'Employees' 


On doing so, you are then taken to the Employee cards page where there is simply a drop down populated with employee names - click the name of the employee and their Employee card is loaded. Alternatively, you can use the search box and enter a few letters from the Employee name and the list will be narrowed to only show those which contain the letters entered.



As well as the self explanatory fields in the middle of the card, the Employee card shows the following information:



Job title


Job status



Next time off (if any)

Timeoff taken and remaining

Bradford Factor score

Unauthorised absence heatmap

Current status (Shows In office or Returning date linked to Time off records and to Employee normal working days (if set) or Company normal working days - this section will also display their next booked time off dates.



Additionally, along the bottom of the Employee card are links to all the actions which can performed against an employee. These actions are:

View - show all the information in the system relating to this employee on one screen.

Edit - edit the employee file

Change - change the employee manager, department, job title, job status and so on

Onboarding - start or modify current onboarding process for this employee

Benefits - update employee working days, hours per week, timeoff allowances, salary and benefits information

Photo - add a photo of the employee

Documents - upload documents which are attached to the employee file

Workflows - The ability to allocate custom-built task workflows to this employee 

Map - shows an annual view of the employees absence (http://support.naturalhr.com/entries/71236659-Employee-map)

Vehicles - Track any vehicles associate with the employee

Triggers - notification method which enables notification and a follow up action to be applied when a rule you have defined is “triggered" such as taken more than 3 days of unauthorised leave in last 6 months (http://support.naturalhr.com/entries/76347109-Triggers)

Grievances - A record of any grievances which have been filed by this employee

Development - Input the desired future job role of an employee once they have expressed an interest in promotion. - This feature works alongside the competencies module. 

Competencies - Input and map employee competencies alongside required competencies in their current role. Alongside the development module, you can also map competencies alongside desired job roles. - More information is available here: https://naturalhr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213525743-Natural-HR-Competencies- 

Payments - Track any extra payments outside of salary and expenses which have been made to this employee

Notes - notes relating to this employee

Goals - goals for this employee

Time off - View or add time off for this individual employee

Training - training for this employee

Timesheets - View all timesheets which have been completed by this employee 

Reviews - reviews for this employee

Reminders - reminders for this employee

Leaver - process the employee as a leaver and archive


If you do not want to display employee cards, it is possible to change the view to a table of all of your employees; to display employees as a table, select the table view control beneath the employee card

Inside 'Table View' each of the employee interaction controls will be collapsed under the 'Actions' menu on the right hand side 


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