How do I assign a manager to an employee?

Assigning a manager is a three step process.

  1. You need to create a job role and, within that job role, you need to tick the box marked Manager level
  2. You now need to either create an employee file for the manager or change the employee job title to that of the one previously created which is set to a manager level role.
  3. You can now chose this manager from the manager drop down for any employee which then assigns them as the manager of the employee in question.
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    Does the system support dual management of an employee? We have several employees who report to 2 managers across different department.

    If not possible, can we customize access levels so Manager can view their direct report's file as well as those reporting to their direct reports. 

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    We do not currently support dual report lines or employees in dual departments - we are working on allowing a manager to see all in their reporting line but, as this impacts every component of the system, the testing is taking some time to complete

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