Getting started - adding job roles

Job roles are basically job descriptions for each of the roles which exist within your company. We need these as each employee entered into the system needs to have a job role so at least one needs setup before you can add an employee.

To add or edit Job roles, simply go to Administration > HR > Job Roles

  • The only information we need is the name of the job role but you can also enter additional detailed information including things like the full description, responsibilities, competencies and more.
  • This additional information is used if you decide to utilise our Recruitment feature to automatically populate job details for listing on your jobs portal which you can then embed in your site.
  • If you so choose, the information can also be displayed to employees so they can see their role and the details when they login to Self Service.

 Within this section, there is also the option to upload attachments to job roles. 

Top tip: If you enter a manager role (select Yes to manager level) then this will remove two items from the Getting started walk-through as you will have met the requirement to add a manager job role!

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