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We strongly recommend completing the various set up steps in order - for things like departments, sites, job roles and so on this is not important but to add an employee you need to have all those things already set up as the employee file needs to contain the employees job role, status, department, site and manager.

Employees are at the heart of any company and the core component for human resources.

Employees can be added going to the People Menu, Employees. From here, you can access all of your employees information as well as adding new employees to the system. 



If you then scroll down to the bottom of the screen below the employee card, you will see two options for adding an employee:


The quick add module allows you to enter the main information about your employees to enable you to use the system. There is also a "full" add form which allows you to enter much more information as well as the ability to bulk upload your employees via a CSV file

Most of the fields are pretty self explanatory but a few warrant some additional comments:

  • Employment status: Active depicts a current employee, archived depicts one who is no longer in your employment but whose details you still need to maintain.
  • Works ID: This is any sort of identifier which you use within your organisation to differentiate between individual employees such as employee number or payroll ID, for example.
  • National Insurance/Social Security number (SSN): In most countries the government issues a unique number to every employee which identifies them as a unique individual usually for tax purposes. We use this number as a way to prevent you entering duplicate employees as this number is truly unique at a government level. If your employees do not have or you do not want to store this information then you can enter anything in this box as long as it is unique within your company (you could enter the Works ID, for example).
  • Manager: This field is self explanatory but it is worth noting that there should only ever be one employee in the company who has no manager (i.e. the person at the top of the hierarchy) hence we recommend entering this person first and working down from the top. This way you create the hierarchy assigning manager level roles first so when you get to your next level of managers or employees the correct list of managers will be available in the drop down list.
  • Work email address: If you want to use Self Service then it is vital that you enter a valid work email address for each employee as this is used to send notifications etc.
  • Holidays per year: If you have not yet setup your time off settings then this will give you the option to enter a value and then choose either days or hours. If your company has more than one time off type attributed to paid time off then you should set those up first by going to time off settings and then entering time off types
  • What are the 'Add' next to Job title, Job status and Department? If you are entering an employee and you realise that they are in a department which you have not yet entered into the system then you can simply click the 'Add', add the department and the list will automatically update itself to include your latest department. 

 Top tip: If you enter an employee and choose a manager role as their job title then this will remove two items from the Getting started walk-through. 


Full-add employees video



Quick-add employees video 


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