Getting started - adding departments

Departments in themselves are fairly easy to understand - a division of employees with a specific area of activity or business such as HR, IT, Finance, Sales and so on.

The parent field is used to create sub departments. Initially when entering your first department there will not be any parent departments to choose from. However, when the first department is entered it then becomes a parent department and subsequent departments can have the first department set as its parent.

For example, 

  • The first department you enter is IT.
  • It is a parent (or top level) department and it does not have a parent assigned.
  • You then add another department called Support and you set the previously created IT as its parent.
  • You now have a main (or parent) department called IT with a sub department called Support.
  • By doing this, in reporting, you can filter down to parent department level but also to sub department level allowing you to get more granular if needed.

To add or edit departments simply go to Administration > HR > Departments


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